Friday, November 20, 2009

Clean and Semantic Code comes to rescue of daily chaos

Most of us designers are today following nice code writing techniques since they have been more and more closely working with the engineering teams around the world. And these Dev junkies are so very much particular about the way they write their logic and always keep a track as how their fellow colleagues too are following code writing standards. Well it sounds very Monica(of friend's fame) type but then when you have some thousands lines of code being written and have 5 other team members working on it at the same time you gotta be a little more organized.

Similarly for designers, now it's not just about sitting back with pleasure at watching their design running on 5 different browsers immaculately. After all their final work needs to be integrated with the engineering team's effort too. And trust me my experience tells me that most of the developers are very fussy about integrating UI. Well it even becomes more irritating for them if a designer doesn't put relevant closing comments after tags and they just from their sheer guess and after matching the tags(a very tedious task in absence of a visual editor like dreamweaver) simply use Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v and keep checking in the browser if all is running well. If this doesn't solve the problem then the next step would be to call on the designer to confirm the closure of tags and finally an integration happens. Well this might not be the end as bugs still might happen but iterations have definitely increased.

Secondly if some standards are taken into consideration by the designers themselves they can not only reduce their page sizes and have their pages render fast but also reduce confusion for themselves and others while revisiting their own pages. Simple considerations like indentation for more visibility of nested tags, getting rid of extra tags and usage of templates across the website definitely helps a lot in daily chores of design and web production.

A nice post here shared by Ashish my hCentive colleague which speaks of these techniques in detail : inspired me to share this. We are already taking care of these things and it is bringing good results from the very start. Go ahead my fellow creatives and feel like DEV FREAKS themselves :).

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