Monday, November 30, 2009

Importance of changing "Messaging" in social network websites to match the recent user trends

Social networking started on the concept of simply sharing what is up with in your life and be updated what is latest with your friends and family. Twitter and Facebook gave a full new meaning in short status messages to let know the world what is happening in your life in short one line messages. But then it was more about personal updates rather than real time collaboration among users. Even the Labels on twitter and facebook said: "What are you doing?" and "What's on your mind?". This might be interpreted by the user as: how you feels today or may be how was your day or may be it can sound a bit evasive and they might be prompt to think "none of your business" as it is a little personal. I believe in such scenarios messaging should be more participating where questions if they are more generic, users would hook on to fill or give out some information.
Recently twitter changed it's tag to "What's happening" which I think is even more inviting. Merely because it is very casual like "What's up!" I can think tons of things now to tweet simply as earlier tag was more like what's specifically happening with me and suddenly now it's like I am having a conversation on a tea with my friend saying hey did u read that! Did you know who played @ fBar last weekend! It's that SIMPLE and more encouraging now.
Even facebook gives you options of what are you going to share, is it a link or a photo or a video clearly elaborating their tag of what's on your mind!
That's the power of words although such a minimal change!

Another aspect to this is the change in user behavior. We as users want to know it all as to what is happening around and not through just TV or radio (simply because we have turned into internet slaves). Specially the new generation is hooked onto internet via all sorts of medium when they are not on their PC's or laptops. I came to know of Pranav Mistry's invention through one of my friend's status update. That in fact, was the real intent of twitter too when they launched where they had this broader vision of users sharing useful and tons of information between them rather than the family and friends exchanges.

We are taking this messaging aspect very seriously at hCentive while building our product.
We can definitely see the changing times in social networking going beyond just friendly exchanges towards efficient and vast information exchanges. Google wave is taking this collaboration to another level and I am getting all excited watching this!! Are you!

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