Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tag Lines to enhance User Experience

Launching a new product with a power punch Tag Line or Slogan to draw users in one go and leave an impression on them to remember it at the back of their mind for return visits is what every stake holder is looking at. It is of utmost importance for consumer driven websites where brand identity needs to be established amongst its users.

For UX designers such tag lines and slogans not just helps them to use nice typography but for user experience itself. They can creatively use such slogans and create a complete theme around it for a website or a poster and in fact a complete campaign can run around it.
All the elements used in a design can start to reciprocate to such slogans, starting from fonts, typography, graphics and language used in the content and so on. This results in a wholesome experience for the users where they start to associate every single aspect of brand in holistic way.

Enough said, how to create such a tag line then is what comes to a mind as sometimes in absence of content writers it is often looked upon the UX designers themselves to come up with some kind of creative punch :). I know this is a sensitive one whether designers be writing or no, I personally believe that only if you think you have decent writing skills(be honest with yourself), should you be taking a plunge in this unknown territory. Continuing, how to have a power punched, mesmerizing, forceful, self identified slogan a few points if taken into consideration can help you get there.

You can start by:
  • Who are your customers?
  • What are the benefits your customers getting from you?
  • What kind of feeling and emotion you want to invoke in your users?
  • What kind of reaction you are expecting from your users?
  • What edge do you have above your customers?
Next step...
You can start to brainstorm your ideas after you have answers to questions above. Look out for tag lines from various companies, look for stuff in newspapers, advertisements, even copy on buses and auto rickshaws are inspiring some times. It might also be lying as a crushed feedback post from your old printer company in your dustbin. In short content is everywhere you look.

A little more brain rumbling...
Make a checklist of all the stuff you have gathered and sort out a few among them to proceed ahead. You can even have a whiteboard with all the slogans written and visit them one by one while comparing them with one another and erasing the ones you think are coming out weaker. this can be a solo or a group effort.

Almost there
Finally select the best tag line by taking opinions from people around you, your potential customers if you are in touch with them and even take survey on free survey sites. And there you are with your tag line to take your business/product forward.

Some examples of combining powerful slogans and cool UX are:
Nokia: Connecting people
Apple: Think Different
Nike: Just Do It
HP: Invent
Unilever: Adding Vitality to Life

These are some which just have stuck to my mind forever since the day I saw them and thought of jotting them down here for reference and again I am smiling thinking of those creative minds who did the above work for me to remember forever...

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