Monday, November 29, 2010

Why not unload memory too!!!

We are always being reminded in all texts and by all gurus and our managers to have consistent user actions all across the designs we UX Designers make. Have persistent navigations through out, have help menus where required so users are not required to put weight on their brains to memorize much since we tend to forget quickly and we constantly need to make reminders to our users to help them complete their tasks while they are on our user interface.

But here is something interesting thing came up while having lunch with my fellow designers with respect to face book that why do I see birthday reminders when I have already clicked on it and wished the friend. Why the reminder still there! Doesn't human brain also requires to unload and make space for new directions we try to give to them through our interfaces! Whole day I see the same link there when it was dealt with and the task was done and there I see it again and again when my eyes track around and I for a moment try and recall did I actually complete this task or what!!! Sometimes out of curiosity even go on the profile page of the friend to check it out... LOL. It's irritating and reminds me of old days I used to hit inbox a dozen times to check for the status of the last interview I gave when there was no AJAX.

We forget a glass can be full only if it is partly filled or for good it's empty :).