Thursday, December 9, 2010

Does new Facebook Profile denies Instant gratification!

I just upgraded my facebook profile view to the new UI and I was a little lost suddenly for a few seconds when I started recollecting my old actions.
I asked myself what's the first thing for which I log onto FB? And I came up with following answer:

To tell the world what I am up to, my Status Update or rather My State of Mind:

What bothered me was the most important action item has been hidden under a link and now comes as a fly out menu is kind of a have to find yourself and post if you can approach. 

FB has changed it's IA a little in this interaction by asking users what to share which I suppose they did because they wanted the options(photo, link and video share) not to be hidden under drop downs and were visible only when user clicked inside the status text box. But then, the options could have been shown first hand in the earlier approach too. I don't think they have reduced the clicks and now even the status message text box is also hidden thus denying user instant gratification which personally I used to love it and was always tempted to type in anything on my mind. It was kind of very psychological I feel just like your own desk where you know what is lying where and always accessible at a blink of an eye. Twitter has updated the new UI more elegantly by only adding more value and keeping the most used actions in their own places, keeping the user interactions intact.

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